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Оборудование Kentmaster

Spinal Cord Removal

    Vacuum Spinal Cord Remover VVS-1

    VVS-1 Vacuum Spinal Cord Remover

      Multiple Drop Vacuum System:
    • Multiple Drop Vacuum Systems from Kentmaster are custom designed to meet your specific needs. We have many systems for carcass vacuums, spinal cord removal, brain removal and many other applications. We have many systems in operation for over 10 years. We look forward to designing a system to meet your needs. Kentmaster was the industry leader in developing and providing this technology to the meat industry.

    • Multiple Drop Vacuum System Features:
    • Custom designed systems to meet your needs. Multiple wands for spinal cord and brain removal and carcass vacuums.
    • Double Dump Valve available.
    • Great flexibility for layout installation.
    • Easier to maintain and monitor.

    • Brain Vacuum Features:
    • Removes Spinal Cord and Sheath from Backbone.
    • Removes Brain from Head.
    • Product is contained for disposal.
    • Uses separate vacuum or central system.