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Оборудование Kentmaster


    Dehairing Beaters (Pads) DHB-I

    DHB-I Dehairing Beaters (Pads)
    • The base plate and its inner reinforcement are made of very special materials.
    • As a result the base plate is very sustainable in practice. The 3 scrapers and 2 cases in the clamping holes are made of a hygienic Stainless Steel.
    • The clamping holes can be supplied in all necessary mutual and distance dimensions and diameters. In order to achieve the best dehairing result, Dehairing Paddles are supplied in 2 types:
    • Shore 65 ° for diagonal dehairing machines
    • Harder type Shore 80 ° for continuous tunnel machines
    • It is very important that the type of dehairing paddle is passed on in the order. The sustainability of the Dehairing Paddles promotes this very much. The dehairing result can be called excellent.