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Оборудование Kentmaster

Carcass Cleaning

    Vac-San Carcass Cleaning VAC-SAN

    VAC-SAN Vac-San Carcass Cleaning  

    • The Kentmaster Vac-San I for carcass cleaning was one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in the meat industry. This system was designed to remove visible contamination without trimming thus reducing product damage and increasing yields. This USDA approved and patented process is used in meat plants throughout the world to produce a cleaner and more wholesome product. Units are available with steam/hot water, steam only and water only.

    • Removes contamination without trimming.
    • Increase yields.
    • USDA tested and approved.
    • Variety of wands available to choose from.
    • Can be used with chemical.

    Technical Specifications

    Drive: Vacuum

    Hock Vacuum Cleaner HVC-1

    HVC-1 Hock Vacuum Cleaner  

    • Uses Steam or Steam and Hot Water
    • Completely cleans and sterilizes Hind Hock and Front Shank
    • Capacity: 350 carcasses / hour

    • Vacuum System requirements:
    • 300 CFM at 14 in Hg

    • Hot Water requirements:
    • 1 Gal/min

    Technical Specifications

    Drive: Vacuum
    Cutting Cycle Time: 350 carcasses / hour
    Control Handle Type: Single Trigger/ Air for Vacuum
    Single Trigger for Hot Water