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Оборудование Kentmaster


    Pneumatic Bolt Stunner PBS-1

    PBS-1 Pneumatic Bolt Stunner  

    • Available in penetrating and non-penetrating models for cattle.
    • Humane stunner will stun animal completely for better results.
    • Easy handling for reduced operator fatigue.
    • Simple to operate and maintain.
    • Fast action for increased production.
    • Improved meat quality.

    Technical Specifications

    Drive: Pneumatic
    Weight: 13 kg (30 Lbs)
    Air Pressure: 195 psi (12 bar) or 7 bar (100 psi) - optional
    Control Handle Type: Single Trigger

    Cartridge Driven Bolt Stunner with Cartridges ST-GUN

    ST-GUN Cartridge Driven Bolt Stunner with Cartridges  

    • Most powerful penetration power and high slaughter capacity.
    • Reduces kicking movements of the animal after stunning significantly - easier shackling.
    • Effective security system for trigger.
    • Self-acting cartridge ejector.
    • Quick locking bayonet breech.
    • Robust design for rough working conditions.
    • Automatic bolt-retraction system (types KS, KC) - no sticking of bolt in the animal´s head after stunning.
    • Easy handling.
    • Low costs for cleaning and maintenance.
    • Low cost, high power cartridges (cal. 6.8/15).
    • Effective stunning by means of type KL even for heaviest bulls or water buffaloes.

    Technical Specifications

    Drive: Power Loads
    Control Handle Type: Single Trigger